International Marianist Family
Familia Internacional Marianista
Famille Internationale Marianiste

World Council
of the Marianist Family

The World Council of the Marianist Family is composed of the General Councils of the four branches of our charismatic family.

Objectives of the World Council are

  • To promote a family spirit which makes possible mutual challenge.
  • To combine respect for the autonomy of each branch with the spirit of interdependence.
  • To submit to the consideration of each branch the suggestions made by the Council.
  • To have decision-making power over those common features or actions which all the branches of the World Council of the Marianist
    Family unanimously agree upon, considering all other decisions as recommendations.
Functions of the World Council include:
  • To “build family.”
  • To share about the life and reality of each of the branches.
  • To reflect in common on that life and to make suggestions about it.
  • To determine modes of coming together: celebrations, formation, experiences and common actions of ecclesial or social character.
  • To determine directives in what concerns the Family.

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About the Marianist Family

The Marianist Family today is spread around the world.  It is comprised of separate, yet interconnected, branches: Lay Marianist Communities (MLC-CLM), the Alliance Mariale (AM), the Daughters of Mary Immaculate (Marianist sisters – FMI) and the Society of Mary (SM).



We share these documents with you for your information and as a resource for developing a better understanding of the identity and mission of the Marianist Family.


Statutes & Objectives 2022-2025

Statutes of the World Council.

Objectives proposed by the World Council of the Marianist Family for

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