International Marianist Family
Familia Internacional Marianista
Famille Internationale Marianiste

200 Years of Commitment

SM 3 Offices #51

E. Maximin Magnan, SM. Assistant General for Education (September 2019)

We propose the following objects that you can use as a visual support for the announcement and continued commemoration of the Bicentennial of the SM’s commitment to Education.

The Origins of SM Education and its Expansion throughout the World

From the open window of our first SM school, a new stream of air emerged and brought the seed of Marianist education to the whole world and to ages.

Two Hundred Years of SM Education

This poster illustrates the beginnings of SM education in Bordeaux and its current expansion on the five continents.Offices in September 2019 which speaks of the Bicentennial of the SM’s commitment to education.

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