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#272 June  2018   Japanese version 

Beatification of Mother Adèle de Batz de Trenquelléon

#271 May  2018   Japanese version 

-General Chapter Preparatory Commission meets in Rome

-23 brothers under 50 years old for the development of Marianist Europe

-The Region of Canada becoming a territorial community

-Please Join the General Chapter Prayer network!

-Marianist education statistics for 2018

-Young Marianists models for the Synod of Bishops

#270 April  2018   Japanese version 

-Annual International Seminary Visitation

-Regional Superior in the Region of Eastern Africa


#269 March  2018   Japanese version 

-Two former students, monks of Thibirine, to be beatified

-Father Jan Kowaski, rest in peace.

#268 February  2018   Japanese version 

-Perpetual professions in Ivory Coast and Congos

-Celebration of the life of Fr. Salaverri

-Ordinations to priesthood in India

-Diaconal ordinations in Rome

-Spiritual renewal sessions for religious over 65 

#267  Special issue - January  2018   Japanese version  

Closing of Bicentennial Celebration - Singhpur,India

#266  January  2018   Japanese version

-New leadership in the Province of USA.

-Information regarding the CEFM

-Meeting of the two General Councils (FMI-SM) with

Pope Francis

-Necrology 2017

-Jubilarians 2018


#265  December  2017   Japanese version

-Preparations for the Beatification of Mother Adele

-Priestly Ordination in Puerto Rico, USA

-Perpetual vows and ten years of the Marianist presence in Benin

-Annual Meeting of the World Council of the Marianist Family in Rome

-Meeting of the Directors of the Formation/Study Centers for the Marianist Charism

-Coordinator for the Study Centers for the Marianist Charism

#264  November  2017   Japanese version

-New professions in Eastern Africa

-New Regional Superior of Colombia-Ecuador

-Perpetual vows in the Province of Spain

-Sacerdotal Ordinations in Korea and Congo

-Meeting of Unit Assistants for Education

-A video for the Bicentennial

-Anniversary of the Beatification of the Spanish Martyrs

-The Testament of François Chaminade, opened after 219 years...

-New 2017-2018 International Personnel

-Marianists, Colegio San José, endure Hurricane Maria


Bicentennial SM - 2017 - Japanese Version


#263  July  2017   Japanese version

-  New professions in Togo and Ivory Coast

- Appointed new Regional Superior of Togo

-General Council of FSC welcomed at Via Latina 22

- An Archimandrite in the Region of Italy

- New Book from Fr. Salaverri

#262  June  2017   Japanese version

- New lectors and acolytes in Rome

-Francisco Canseco appointed for a third mandate as Rector of the International Seminary of Rome

-Announcement regarding Marianist International NGO

-Positio on virtues and reputation for holiness of Fr. Vicente López de Uralde, S.M.

#261  May  2017   Japanese version

-Adéle de Batz de Trenquelléon: Promulgation of the decree of beatification

-Perpetual Vows in the Region of Korea

-Five Professions of Vows in the District of India

-European Marianist Bicentennial Symposium:Rome, 19-21 april 2017

-Marianist Education Statistic for 2017

-New Assistant Provincial of the Province of France

-Regional Superior of the Region of Italy

#260    April  2017   Japanese version

-First Profession of Vows in Eastern Africa

-New Provincial for the Province of France

-Passing the Baton for ICMF

-GA Temporalities Committee meets in New York

#259    March  2017   Japanese version

-Priestly Ordination in India (USA)

-Perpetual Profession in Brazil (Spain)

-Diaconal Ordination in Rome

-Extended General Council meets in Roma

-Visit to the Chaminade International Seminary

#258    January 2017   Japanese version

- Perpetual Professions in the District of India

-Reappointment of Regional Superior in Japan

-First Profession in the the Region of Korea

-Bicentennial Tryptych 

-Cause of Mother Adèle

#257    January 2017   Japanese version

-First Profession in the Region of Argentina

-Reappointment of Regional Superior of Korea

-Region of Colombia-Ecuador celebrates the day of Our Lady of Guadalupe

-General Council visit to the Region of Austria-Germany

-50th World Day of Peace 

-Necrology 2016

-Jubilarians 2017


#256   December  2016   Japanese version

-Two Marianist Alumni declared Blessed

-The WCMF meets in Rome

-Meeting of European Brothers at Lourdes,France

-The causa of Fr. Domingo Lázaro

-New resource on Marianist history

-Fr. manuel Cortés meets Pope Francis in Rome

#255     November 2016   Japanese version

- Documents for preparation of the General Chapter

-General Council visit to the  Province of Meribah

-Two newly ordained for priesthood around the SM

-Marianist World Day of Prayer & Profession in the Region of Eastern Africa

-New 2016-2017 International Personnel

-New Marianist Book

#254     October 2016   Japanese version

-Horizons 2016

-Marianist Presence at WYD in Krakow

-Bicentennial Triptych visits Latin America

-News from the Region of Eastern Africa

-Perpetual Professions in the US

-Temporary Profession of the first Cuban Marianist Religious

-Becoming "artisan" fro peace by sculpting our own hearts

-Marianist Books

#253 July 2016   Japanese version

-First professions in Ivory Coast and Togo

-Visitation of the Region of Canada

-Appointment of Regional Superior of Argentina

-Appointment of President of the CEM

-SM book:The Marianists and the Meiji Restoration in Japan

-Members of the GC attend AMU Symposium

-G.J.Chaminade and M.T. de Lamourous, Witnesses of Mercy

#252 June 2016   Japanese version

-Opening of Bicentennial in Agen

-First vows in the Province of USA

-Appointment of Regional Superior of Austria-Germany

-Institution in the ministries of Lector and Acolyte

-Latin American congress on Marianist Education

-European MArianist Conference (CEM)

-Water shortages-A security concern

-Prayer for the participants in the Horizons meeting

-The cause of the Ven. Adéle de Trenquélleon

-Blessing of the new ultrasonography machine in Latacunga, Ecuador

-E-books available on our website

-Marianist education Statistics for 2016

-New Marianist books

#251 May 2016   Japanese version

-First Professions of Vows in the District of India

-The Cause of Ven. Adèle de Trenquellèon

-General Council Visits Region of Eastern Africa

- Website for Marianist Resources

#250 April 2016   Japanese version

-New Provincial Leadership for the Province of Meribah

-New Assistant Provincial of the Province of Spain

- Towards World Youth Days (WYD) in Krakow

-Living Water and the Water of Life

-Cause of Beatification of Cardinal Eduardo Pironio 

#249 Mars 2016   Japanese version

-Perpetual Profession in Mexico

-Priestly ordination in India

-Provincial Superiore of Spain

-Latin American Meeting for Temporary Professed in Colombia

-Conclusion of the Year of Consacrated Life

-JPIC - Attention all communities

-Sharing new publications 

#248  February 2016   Japanese version

-Perpetual Vows in India

-Diaconate Ordinations in Rome

-Jubilee Year of Mercy: two "Marianist" Holy Doors opened

-Preparing for the Bicentennial of our Foundation

-JPIC website

-"40 Days" Campaign 2016

-CD of Marianist Resources

-First procession of Fr. Chaminade

#247 January 2016   Japanese version

-Professions of Vows in the Society

-Ten Perpetual Professions in Africa

-New Regional Superior of Chile

-New Regional Superior of  Peru

-Message from the Office of Temporalities

-Ivory Coast-5th Meeting of the Charism

-New Books by Marianists

-Necrology 2015

-Jubilarians 2016


#246  December 2015   Japanese version

-Perpetual Vow Profession in Hawaii

- Priestly Ordinations in IV, EA and USA

-Year of the Consecrated Life

-A World Congress on Catholic Education in Rome

-Cause of Mother Adèle

-New International Personnel 2015-2016

#245   September 2015   Japanese version

-Newly Professed in  Ivory Coast and Eastern Africa

-Perpetual Profession in Spain

-Priestly Ordination in Spain

-General Leadership Assembly 2015

-Bro. Roland Gruber to lead Swiss Community

-Transfer of the Community in Poland to the Province of Spain

-Nomination to the Holy See for Rinaldo Iacopino, SM (Italy)

-Four Marianist Religious attend the Intl.Ecumenical Meeting on the Consacrated Life organized by Taizé.

-Letter from Ecuador

#244   June 2015   Japanese version

-Six New Professed in India

-Newly professed and Readmission in the Province of the USA

-Josephraj Rymond (India) ordenaided deacon in Rome

-Institution of the Ministries of Lector and Acolyte

-Recent Appointments from the General Council

-Memorial of the Madrid Martyres

-150th Anniversary of the Canonical Approvation of SM

-New Arrangement of the Marianist Cemetery of St. Hippolyte

-Reminder to all Units regarding information of Professions/Ordinations

#243-   May 2015   Japanese version

-Reintegration of Haïtian brothers into the Society of Mary

-SM education statistics for 2015

- Archbishop Emeritus Raymond Roussin, SM

-Prize awarded to Spanish Marianist

#242-   April 2015   Japanese version

-Extended General Council meets at Via Latina 22

-Visit to the Chaminade International Seminary

-GA Temporalities Committee Meeting

-Patronal Feast of the Marianist Family and Prayers for Vocations

-Convocation of the Celebration of the Bicentennial of our Foundations

#241-   March 2015   Japanese Version

- Priestly ordinationn in the district of India

- Lent with the Last Forty

-40 years of Marianist presence in Colombia

-Prayer Intention

-Two weeks for Marianist Formation in Spanish

-Meeting of Marianist Works Commission

-Sharing the witness of my vocation

-World day of Marianist Prayer


#240-   February 2015   Japanese version

-First professions in Chile and Eastern Africa

-Perpetual professions in India

-District Assembly in India

-Diaconal Ordination at the G.A. - Rome

Appointment for Assistant Provincial U.S.A.

-40 years of Marianist presence in Brazil

-Judgment of the medical consultation in the cause of Blessed Chaminade

-Distribution of the Marianist Causes Pamphlets

#239 -   January 2015   Japanese version

-First professions in  Colombia-Ecuador

-Reappointment of the Provincial Superior of USA

-Perpetual Vows in Eastern Africa

-Sharing our Experience of the Vows

-Sharing the witness of my vocation

-Necrology 2014

-Jubilarians 2015


#238 -   December 2014   Japanese version

-Perpetual profession in Mexico

-WCMF holds annual meeting

-Celebrating the Consacrated Life together

-Prayer Intention

#237 -  November  2014   Japanese version

-Death of Elena Otero

-Council for the new sector of Mexico

-New International Personnel 2014-2015

-Prayer Intentions

#236 -  October  2014   Japanese version

-Ordinations in Africa and in Asia

-Marianist World Day of Prayer 2014

-The cause of Blessed Chaminade

#235 -  August  2014   Japanese version

-Professions in two Regions of Africa

-Two International Meetings of formation

#234 -  July 2014   Japanese version

-A Letter from Fr. Chaminade for today
- Reappointment of Fr. Francisco Canseco as Rector of the International Seminary
-Bro. Jack Ventura reappointed as Director of the ICMF
-Coordinating team for Horizons 2016 met in Rome

-Completation of Diocesan Inquiry into a miracle attributed to Mother Adèle de Trenquellèon

-Second survery in Marianist Apostolic Works completed

#233 -  June 2014   Japanese version

-Chaminade Seminary:Institutio of lectores and accolites
-Damiano Tonello Superior of new Region of Italy
-Vice Provincial of France
-SM education Statistics for 2014

-Cause of Father Domingo Lázaro

#232 -  May 2014   Japanese version

-First Professions in India
-GA Temporalities Committee meets in Rome
-Extended General Council meets in Rome
-Marianist Symposium: Faith

-General History of the Society of Rome vol. III/2


#231 -  April 2014   Japanese version

 -Three Vietnamese Candidates for the SM
- Fr. Eddie Alexander reappointed as Superior of France
- Prayers for the canonization of Blessed Chaminade
- Europena Marianist Formation Center promotes Symposium on faith in Rome

-Lent 2014

- Prayer Intention

#230 -  March 2014    Japanese version

 -Profession of Vows in  Ivory Coast
- Fr. Isao Jean-Baptiste Aoki reappointed as Superior of Japan
- MLC New International Team elected
- First Meeting of Continental Centers for Marianist Formation

-Visitation of the Chaminade International Seminary

-Readmission into the SM of two Haitian Brothers

#229 February  2014     Japanese version

 -Profession of Vows in India, Peru,Chile and Korea
- Deacon ordination in Rome
- Ordination to priesthood in India
- Restructiring of the District of Mexico
- The Marianists in Cuba

-6th International Meeting of MLC in Lima

-New volume of General History of the Society of Mary

#228 - January 2014     Japanese version

 -Profession of Vows in Eastern Africa, Colombia and Mexico
- New Version of the Marianist Family World Map on website
- Prayer Intention
- Necrology 2013
- Jubiliarians 2014


#227 -  December 2013        Japanese version


-Three Continents, Three Units, Three Hundred Years!
- Fr.  J.M. Arnáiz Appointed  Superior in  Chile 
- Installation of Michael McAward as Assistant General for Temporalities

- Fr. Romolo Proietti Segnalini takes charge of General Secretariat
-Via Latina Hosts International Meetiings during November
-Update on Fr. Manuel Cortés, Superior General
-Re-opening of the cause of Mother Adele
-Worldwide Survey of Marianist Works 
-Delivery of Charachteristics of Marianist Administration
-Guest services at Via Latina 22

#226 - November 2013     Japanese Version  


Bro.O'Neil to complete 10 years at UN; Brian Reavy will represent Marianist NGO 
- Fr. Andrès Tocalini Appointed  Superior in Argentina 
- Marianist Day of Prayer in Japan

- Prayer Intentions
- News from Mexico
- G. José Chaminade Street in Cadiz, Spani
- FMI/SM Joint Commission for the celebration of 200th Anniversary of Foundation
-FMI and SM General Administrations meet in Rome 
- WCMF annual meeting in Rome

-Recent Publication from the G.A.

-St. Mary's University hosts Prayer Event with Sant'Egidio



#225 - Sept-Oct 2013     Japanese Version  

- Fr. Romolo Proietti Appointed Secretary General
- First Professions in Eastern Africa and Italy
- REMINDER: World Day of Marianist Prayer 
- Ordinations in Congo and Spain
- Closure of Foundations in Nepal and Philippines
- Controversy over Marian Statue in India
- Prayer Intentions
- Questionnaire on Marianist Works
- Documents from the Office of Religious Life
- Notice from the Secretary General


#224 - July 2013     Japanese Version  

- Professions in Ivory Coast/Congo and Togo
- ICMF Visits Lebanon
- Fr. J.M. Arnaiz meets with Pope Francis 



#223 - June 2013     Japanese Version  

- Professions in India, USA and Ivory Coast
- Appointments of Superiors in Austria, Meribah and
         Eastern Africa
- 75 Years of SM presence in Quebec
- SM Education Statistics for 2013
- Funerals for Richard Joyal, SM
- Installation of Ministries at Chaminade Int. Seminary 

(There was no issue in May 2013)


#222 - April 2013     Japanese Version  

- Habemus Papam! Election of Pope Francis
- Meeting of GA Temporalities Committee
- iMisión:  Internet Evangelization
- Lent with Faustino - some concluding thoughts
- Advancement of the Cause for Mother Adele
- Cause of Domingo Lazaro


#221 - March 2013     Japanese Version  

- Three Haitian Novices Profess first Vows
- Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Death of Faustino
- Documents from the WCMF
- Marianist Works Commission Holds First Meeting 




#220 - February 2013     Japanese Version  

- Living Lent with Faustino On-Line
- Ordinations in Rome, India and Mexico
- Celebrating 125 Years of Marianist Presence in Japan
- Extended General Council Meeting
- Congratulations:  Skip Matthews (US)
- GA's of SM and FMI meet together in Rome
- Prayer Intentions 



#219 - January 2013     Japanese Version  

- Three Profess PV's in Inda
- Three Profess PV's in Eastern Africa
- Asian Zonal Conference Meeting
- Taizé Meeting for European Youth
- Living Lent with Faustino Online
- Prayer Intention
- Necrology 2012
- Jubiliarians 2013





#218 - December 2012     Japanese Version  

- Annual Meeting of the World Council in Rome
- Philip Melcher Re-Appointed Superior in Peru
- SM Founcdation in Haiti - Notice
- Enlivening the Fire:  Our Global Mission
- Message from AGMAR:  Quirin HILGERS 



#217 - November 2012     Japanese Version  

- Region of Switzerland becomes Area Community
- Reflection on the XXXIV General Chapter
- European Marianist Educators meet in Rome
- World Day of Marianist Prayer
- Congratulations!
- Publications from the GA 



#216 - October 2012     Japanese Version  

- Marianist World Day of Prayer
- Fr. Ignace Pagnan Appointed Superior of Togo
- Living the fruit of the XXXIV General Chapter
- NGO Survey - Decision Making Processes
- Lester Kaehler, New Seminary Vice-Rector 
- Prayer Requests 



#215 - June 2012     Japanese Version  

XXXIV General Chapter Set to begin in One Month
- GA Visit to India
- Appointment of Superiors for Italy and Canada
- Congratulations:  JM Alvira, H Hughes, D LeBrenn
- Busy Days at the International Seminary
- New Web Page for Austria
- Prayer Requests 




#214 - May 2012     Japanese Version  

- First Vows in Argentina
- Lester Kaehler (US) named seminary
- Ignace Pagnan (TO) named diocesan vicar
   for religious
- General Cahpter 2012 - Update



#213 - April 2012     Japanese Version  

Meeting of PREPCO
- Swiss Region Assembly
- Anniversary of Verdelais
- Request for Prayers



#212 - March 2012     Japanese Version  

- World Day of the Marianist Vocation
- Three Perpetual Professions in Congo
- 25th Anniversary of Marian Sanctuary in Abidjan
- Marist/Marianist Retreat Dates (Manziana Program)
- Ordinations in India
- Lenten Campaign:  40 Days...
- European Center of Marianist Formation
- General Chapter Preparations
- GA Temporalities Committee Meeting



#211 - February 2012     Japanese Version  

Closing of the Chaminade Year
- Diaconate Ordinations
- Reminder: World Day of the Marianist Vocation
- First Vows in Mexico
- 120th Anniversary of Marianists in Tunisia
- New Superior in Ivory Coast
- Lenten Campaign: 40 Days... 
- Prayer for the General Chapter 



#210 - January 2012     Japanese Version  

- Prayer for the General Chapter
- The Chaminade Year
- Request for Prayers
- World Day of Marianist Vocation
- General Council spends Christmas in Poland
- Vows and New District Council in India
- Many Address Changes!