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Consultation regarding format for gatherings...

As you know, we have two different types of formats for our gatherings: one when there is a host, and another when there is no host.  Over the last two years, months without a host have increased in number, and hosting has decreased.  In light of this, we may be able to consider a third type of format, which is a hybrid of the other two:  where there is no host for part one of the gathering, but instead of  gathering in Trestevere, we could gather at other places in the city, and one of our members could volunteer to lead us to a place for dinner, effectively acting as the coordinator of only the dinner part.  This could offer a little more variety than always going to Trastevere.

Thus, there would be three options:

  1. Traditional: Hosting the preliminaries at one’s residence and  then either leading the group to a place for pizza, or providing dinner at the same residence.
  2. Alternative 1: Meeting at Trastevere (19:00) and going to a local place.
  3. Alternative 2: Meeting at 19:00 at a specified place (e.g. Piazza del Popolo, Colosseum, Pantheon) and going to a local place, under the guidance of a volunteer coordinator for that evening.  The volunteer would select the place to meet.

I propose that during the month of October, we share opinions and ideas on this proposal.  Then, afterwards, we can proceed according to the prevailing inclinations.

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Thanks! — Michael

12 comentarios en “T-Tuesday Forum”

  1. This seems like a very good idea! Perhaps less people have been willing to sponsor because of Covid. We will see if it picks up again. If not, we have a new option in this suggestion from Mike.

  2. Thanks, Michael, for getting this started. It’s time to acknowledge the reality (neutrally, no judgement) that’s developed about hosting. Participating regularly now for over 20 years, I think the gathering is worthwhile even though covid and perhaps other factors have had an impact on participation.
    It is what it is. To keep it going (without guilting folks into hosting, which is unhelpful and against the upbeat, relaxed spirit we want to maintain) invites us to look beyond always being in Trastevere for “no host” gatherings, though Trastevere certainly has worked out well. I like the option of going to a place determined by a volunteer, who will watch how numbers go in the sign-up and see to a reservation if necessary. So I am chiming in as favorable to the added “volunteer-chooses-the-place-and-leads” possibility. When there’s no host or no volunteer who has chosen another place, we default to Trastevere as we have been. Bob Geisinger

  3. Thanks for all the work of coordinating
    I like the possibility of all three options
    Option 3 is a good alternative and will get us into other parts of the city

  4. Michael, Yes, I agree that we should try a third option, Alternative 2 as you say. Bob G. explains it well for me. And thanks Joe R. for hosting this month.
    Peace, Mike Miller

  5. Stephen Huffstetter

    I am OK with the new option. It is always fun to discover new parts of the city and new pizzerias. It will be important for the “volunteer” to know early enough to make arrangements because it is not easy to walk into a place when you have a group as large as 20 or more.

    Steve Huffstetter

  6. I have enjoyed the gatherings. My excuse is that I have often had other commitments on the evening of our gatherings. I am forward to coming again, and looking for an evening when we can host it here at Sant’Anselmo. I am pleased to follow what option, but my first choice would be as we have had it in the past … but whatever.
    Gregory Polan, OSB

  7. I sincerely hope that T-Tuesday can continue. I’ve enjoyed meeting new people with similar interests and concerns. My participation since the pandemic has been poor — partly because of other commitments in our community at Sant’Anselmo. The new option could be a way forward for us. Let’s give it a try.
    Gregory Polan, OSB

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