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Portal for Delegates and Personnel of the General Chapter (Password Required)

Portal para Delegados y Personal del Capítulo General (Se requiere contraseña)

Portal para Delegados y Personal del Capítulo General (mot de passe requis) 


Welcome to the PORTAL reserved for MEMBERS OF THE SM regarding the XXXVI General Chapter.   While some of this information is available elsewhere, the information available on this page is considered privileged and private for the SM religious only.   


  • Bulletin 2 – Propositions and other information/reminders
    • Bulletin:  ENG  —  ESP  —  FR
  • Bulletin 1 – News update, Chapter Logo, Chapter Prayer
    • Bulletin:  ENG  —  ESP  —  FR
    • Annex 1 (Chapter Logo):  ENG  —  ESP  —  FR
    • Annex 2 (Chapter Prayer):  ENG  —  ESP  —  FR

Convocation of the XXXVI General Chapter

  • Circular of the Superior General
  • Announcement from the Superior General

Other Information (For all members of the SM)

  • Prayer for the XXXVI General Chapter
    A4 Format:   ENGESPFR – IT – JA – KO – PORT
    Letter Format:   ENGESPFR – IT – JA – KO – PORT
  • Document from the General Council outlining the synodal process and call for input from the membership of the SM and their collaborators in youth ministry:



For Members of the SM ONLY...

To enter members area

Your USERNAME is the email address as published in the SM International Personnel.  Your PASSWORD is the date of your first profession exactly according to the following format:  03-XI-65
                (DD-MM (Roman)-YY)