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USA Marianists Launch New Vocations Web Site

The Marianist Province of the United States announces the launch of its new  vocations Web site at www.marianist.com/vocations. The new site provides in-depth information about the Marianists and their ministries and interactive tools to assist individuals in discerning their call to religious life. The project was funded by an anonymous donor interested in promoting the vowed Marianist life.

According to Bro. Brian Halderman, vocation Web site project lead, with over 50 percent of vocation inquiries coming in via the Web site, the Internet has become an increasingly important tool for the Marianist's vocation ministry. "We must invite young men to consider this wonderful way of life, and the Internet provides us with a new means of invitation," said Bro. Halderman. "Young people are making major life choices based on information they find online. Religious life needs to be represented in the abundance of choices placed before them." Bro. Halderman cites a recent Pew Internet & American Life Project study indicating that 45 percent of Internet users say the Internet helped them make major life decisions.  

The new site has many interactive features, including a video tour of the formation process, videotaped responses from brothers to frequently asked questions about vocations, and blogs, where brothers will chronicle their experiences in formation, ministry and community.

The site also includes links to a Spanish-language version of the site and links to pages for vocation information for Eastern Africa, India, Ireland and Mexico.

For more information on the Marianists and their formation program, please visit the new vocations Web site at www.marianist.com/vocations.




Fr. Manuel Cortés Elected Fourteenth Superior General of the Society of Mary

  On July 21, 2006, at the General Chapter of the Society of Mary (Marianists) currently in session at Villa Aurelia in Rome , the delegates elected Fr. Manuel Cortés, S.M. to become their 14th Superior General.  He succeeds Fr. David Fleming, S.M. who just completed his second term as Superior General. The next day, July 22, General Assistants were elected.  They are: Fr. André Fétis (Religious Life), Bro. José María Alvira (Education) and Bro. Edward Violett (Temporalities).   Via Latina 22 (July 21) -- Via Latina 22 (July 22)  -- Video



  July 2006 edition now available.
The July edition, featuring news of the Society of Mary, is now available by clicking on this link: Via Latina 22 - July 2006. ith a celebration of Vespers with Pope Benedict XVI in St. Peter's Square on Saturday, June 3rd.  The attendance of MLC members was featured by an international news organization.




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MLC Leadership attends 2nd World Congress of Ecclesial Movements and New Communities in Rome

Anthony Garascia (President, International Organization of MLC), Lorna Mueni (Regional Responsible, Africa) and Ezequiel Reggiani (Regional Responsible, Latin America) attended the Second World Congress of Ecclesial Movements and New Communities from May 30th to June 2nd outside Rome , near Castel Gandolfo . The Congress concluded wVia Latina 22



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FMI To Hold Meeting of Younger Sisters

Our younger Sisters will be meeting in Rome from July 10 to 31, 2006.  The group is composed of 19 Sisters coming from France , Spain , Italy , Africa, Colombia , Chile , Brazil , and Korea .  During the three weeks, the Sisters will be receiving input from various Marianist experts of our Charism.  They will then meet in small groups to share their own perspective of consecrated Marianist religious life.  The Sisters will also have the wonderful opportunity to visit our Marianist wellsprings in Agen, Bordeaux , Perigueux, Mussidan, Verdelais, Astaffort, Auch, Condom and Feugarolles.  The highlight of the trip to France , for many of our Sisters, will no doubt be the visit to the beautiful Castle of Trenquelleon in Feugarolles.  Following the example of Adele, our Sisters will serve people at the soup kitchen of Saint Egidio.  The Sisters will have the privilege of participating in a Mass at St. Peter Basilica and a day trip to the catacombs.




Gifts and Tasks - New MLC Newsletter for Region of North America, Asia, Ireland and Australia

Under the direction of Isabella Moyer, MLC Regional Representative for North America, Asia, Ireland and Australia , an attractive and informative newsletter has recently been initiated.  Click on the link below to view theJ une 2006 issue.  Inside this issue you will be able to subscribe to future issues.

 MLC Newsletter – June 2006



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Marianists International NGO

(reprint from Via Latina 22 – June 2006)

Last May 23rd we received a notification for which we have been waiting for quite some time:  The administration of the Non-Governmental Organizations at the United Nations in New York informed us that they have officially recognized "Marianists International" as a fully accredited NGO under the auspices of the Department of Public Information of the United Nations.

With this news, we direct our thanks and joy, first of all, to Steve O'Neil, S.M., religious of the Province of the United States , who, for three years, has been working with other NGO's within the United Nations. and trying to obtain our own accreditation.  Thanks to the work and patience of Steve, we have finally achieved this official recognition.  Thanks also to lay Marianist Richard Sroczynski, who has collaborated with Steve this past year.

With our new accreditation, we commit ourselves to collaborating with the United Nations to achieve their goals, and to spread their work and materials.  At the same time, from now on, we can share and make known within the various organizations of the UN, information and activities which the Marianists are doing throughout the world in favor of human rights, human development, peace, education, promotion and defense of women and children, the fight against AIDS, etc.

We are delighted with this news and invite you to visit our website often: www.MarianistNGO.org







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